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4/26/05 12:20 pm

WEll not so brilliant was that??/ just trying to hand out a bit of mustard like dear old KIngsley!1 FAscinating MUggle policemen though seemed quite taken with my name, I say not very good at remembering things, were they???/ took me to a Muggle jail!!!1

((it was simply BRILLIANT But dont tell MOlly)0

REckon I ougght to look into the MUstard business a bit more think maybe KIngsley can help me do research though DUmbledore says he reckons I ought to not give mustard to folks anymore, brilliant man, DUMbledore, was so kind to those MUggles and oh what's this an owl

3/18/05 01:21 am - WELL

THat was a success11!!! fascinating things, TRACkters!1

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

IMagine that1!!1

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

LOok at that111!! REckon Hagrid should have oneor two of those11!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

child trackter11!! OHh the things you can find on the interweb!!1 FASCINATING

3/7/05 04:23 pm - i do declare i like these things1!!!

WEll brilliant party, Severus!!!1 SImply brilliant!! i do hope you enjoy the bland..blenner... the wonderful Muggle device11! going to take the children on a bit of a field trip this week, yes siree!!11 reckon we ought to get off of HOgwarts grounds to test out these clappers!1!! MUggle technology is ASTOUNDING, isn't it???/

bad news in from the Ministry today, though. Reckon I"ll need a bit of help chaperoning these youngsters. DAngerous times, dangerous times!!!1 i believe MOlly's made some muffins this morning don't mind if I do

2/7/05 12:16 am - A subject line? This really is a lovely idea, I must remind myself to commend Arthur on this the nex

I hope I have your attention my dears because this is of UTTERMOST importance.

As you may or may not know, likely that you did not, but now you do, today it is my gorgeous lump of a husband's birthday! And so it goes without saying that I do not want to be dealing with anyone being particularly messy, ridiculously rowdy or overly silly in the corridors as I am going to be a VERY VERY busy woman. I am not quite sure how to go about the usual means of celebration seeing as the Hogwart's elves are making life a bit too easy for me these days, but I can assure you that if we were back at home all stops would be pulled out to make sure this day goes out with nothing less than a crash, bang and flying wallop. I've just realised there is only 15 hours left to go. Must type faster.

Kids? I do hope that you will come and see your father before breakfast?

Oh! Fred and George, will you please get in touch with us sometime in the near future? Owlordercatalogues arenotacceptableformsofcommunicationbetweenparentandchild.

2/3/05 06:53 pm

muggles9(!!1)) wonderful really too much magic is bad for eckletr

2/3/05 06:52 pm

how the devil its posting i wonder if these are going through oh there he goe

2/3/05 06:51 pm

typing quietly now i reckon i don't want to set it off but if that bloke over there wont stop cl

2/3/05 06:49 pm

BRILLIANT!111 APparently only

2/3/05 06:49 pm

well I MUST

1/24/05 05:10 am - well1!!!11

classes are going well!!!11 think SIrius will do a fine job with his lessons111 sure you kids will love them!!! CARaborn's a right saucy old chap isn't he??// think mOlly's going to teach him a thing or two before she's done11!!! ron what's this about a dream?/1/ found a new MUggle invention the other day called THe clap it's brilliant really what these muggles come up with you just clap your hands like
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